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Activities in Rishikesh

Things to Do


Kayaking is one of the great Adventure sports in Rishikesh. Kayaking has been very fond of the past few years. Due to its Adventures and water sports Rishikesh is becoming a tourist attraction place. Kayaking is a sport generally done in white water of a river. Rishikesh is best place for kayaking; beauty of rishikesh will enhance your kayaking experience. There many other places for kayaking in uttarakhand like Naini lake of Nainital, New tehri Garhwal. Yamuna is safe option for kayaker for kayaking. It opens on April and closes on June. Other rivers like the Pinder, the Saryu, the Gori, the tons and the Kosi opens on middle days of September month and Closes on the middle of June month.


Flying Fox

Flying fox in Rishikesh, a fantastic adventure in which you are connected to a wire and on released by the gravity in the air and fly like an eagle at a speed 150 kmph. On the morning our guides will take you to Flying fox Spot at Snow Leopard’s Camp Panther. Take your lunch and other accessories. After reaching to the spot enjoy your adventure.



Rishikesh is an amazing place to do most of adventures as Camping. Camping is an outdoor activity by most of the tourists. Camping is really a entertaining sport or adventure but booking with our services will boost your camping experience, because we provides affordable and satisfying services to our customers.


Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is an activity of diving from a height while connected to a strong rod and standing on an iron cliff. Bungee jumping has been discovered by David Allardice of New Zealand. Rishikesh is best place to take the enjoyment of Bungee jumping.

RIVER RAFTING in uttarakhand

River Rafting

River Rafting is an adventurous sport for enjoyment. Every tourist suggests that the memories of river rating are unforgettable for them. River rafting takes tourists to the Next level of enjoyment. To enhance your river rafting experience book your rafting adventure from our company. Because we have the full trained guides, executors, best services at cheap prices.