When it comes to traveling, it’s rightly said,

“Go, where you feel the most alive!” And Dehradun is truly the place that can not only excite your soul but also calm it down.

Here below are 20+ places in Dehradun that deserve your time and attention.


As we mentioned before, Sahastradhara is undoubtedly the most popular recreation spot for travelers visiting Doon. Apart from its spectacular beauty, and peaceful essence, there is also another aspect that attracts visitors. The pure water of Sahastradhara is known to have incredible medicinal benefits because of the presence of sulfur in its water. Located around 14 km from the main city, this ‘thousand-fold spring’ is surrounded by Robber’s Cave.

The water torrents through the limestone Robber’s cave which is why the sulfur content of water is very high. This sulfur-rich water is known to have high therapeutic value for your skin. It magically treats a vast number of skin infections and renders a cool and refreshing feel to your skin. Whosoever visits Dehradun, doesn’t fail to return without having a dip in the invigorating waterfall of Sahastradhara. The fun ropeway ride adds another feather in the cap of this panoramic place.

The prime goal of the travelers while visiting these natural places is to drain all their mental pressures and fill themselves up with perfect freshness. Sahastradhara does total justice to their goal.

The widespread Himalayan vegetation around the waterfall acts as a tranquilizer. The nine-meter waterfall has abundant sediments of lime and sulfur, which can be spotted as brownish-orange elements in the nearby caves.

Mindrolling Monastery

Popularly called as the Buddha Temple Complex, this monastery is a holy place for many of the residents and travelers of Dehradun. The Mindrolling Monastery was created back in 1965 in the Clement Town of Dehradun by Khochhen Rinpoche. This spiritual place not only alleviates your soul but is also a delight to your eyes. Several residents of the city visit this spiritual adobe regularly and paddle in its serenity.

The monastery has a wonderful ancient architecture that is visually appealing to travelers from all over the world. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, the monastery has several shine rooms, serene gardens, beautiful murals, and Tibetan art forms. Owning the tallest stupa in the Asian continent, the monastery reflects beauty from every corner. The shrine rooms are peaceful. The huge statue of Lord Buddha in this monastery is extremely beautiful.

The Ngagyur Nyingma College located on the premises of the monastery offers progressive Buddhist studies to the monks. Around 300 monks are provided education on their premises.

Robber’s Cave

Robber’s Cave popularly known as Gucchu Pani is a stunning river cave formed approximately 8 kilometers from the city of Dehradun in the glorious Himalayas. Haven’t you already heard about the famous ‘The Thousandfold Springs’ of Uttarakhand, also known as Sahastradhara? This dark limestone cave is very near to Sahastradhara and is recognized as a heavenly abode of Lord Shiva. The beauty of the cave lies in the mesmerizing river water that flows out from the middle of the cave. The river in the middle of the limestone formation is a treat for the tourists. The water streams create a beautiful scenic beauty and their streaming noise reverberates all over. The moments of calmness while exploring this cave can bring one close to mother nature and leave them awestruck.

Amidst the hot summer afternoons, the cave grows cold because of it’s phenomenal chilled water underground springs. This beautiful recreation spot lies in the lap of Uttarakhand and is a must-visit place for everyone who travels to this miracle of nature. This beautiful valley truly deserves the attention of the visitors.


Lacchiwalla is another popular picnic spot situated in the lush forest region of Rajaji. The lovely cottages and hotels built around this natural beauty are an attraction for the visitors. The enthralling rivulet flowing amidst the forest is highly fascinating. The greenery in the surrounding area doubles up the refreshing aura of Lachhiwalla. The brook adds the tint of adventure for the visitors by holding water activities like boating, swimming, etc. The place has a minimal entry fee but it’s important to carry along one’s swimming equipment as they are not provided by the authorities. It’s a good picnic spot for families to chill out on weekends. The kids can also enjoy watching several monkeys hopping here and there.

Har Ki Dun

For the trek lovers, there can be nothing better than Har ki Dun. The cradle shaped valley is located the farthest from the city but offers an unmatchable experience. Not many people are aware of this “Valley of Gods”, which is why it’s beauty has managed to remain completely unscathed and pure. Seated 3,566 meters above sea level, the lush green valley is full of thick pine forests and high mountain peaks. Another interesting fact about the valley is the traditional and rural lifestyle of it’s Garhwal residents. It’s wonderful to explore their traditional and cultural heritage. The carved houses add beauty to the trek. On the whole, the valley offers the magic of both the world’s- nature and adventure.

Tapovan Temple

Located 5km from the city, this sacred temple is heavily swarmed by the devotees. The ashram is located on the banks of the holy river Ganga and is a divine abode for the Hindu devotees. Apart from the regular performing of Hindu rituals, the ashram also organizes yoga classes for the disciples. The Tapovan temple is known to diminish all the stresses and grant peace of mind to the visitors. The word “Tapovan” is a combination of two words – Tapasya, which means austerity, and van refers to the forest. The divine atmosphere and the greenery around the temple aptly justify its name. Meditating in this peaceful aura can truly provide solace to your spirit.

Paltan Bazar

This 1.5 kilometer stretch from the railway station to the Clock Tower, is the favorite place for the shopping freaks. There is nothing you wouldn’t find in this wonderful market. From the spices to the fashionable apparels, you will discover the best of them in the Paltan Bazaar. This one-stop destination for all your needs is located in the center of the city and is also popularly known as the main bazaar of Dehradun. At all times of the day, the market is flooded by visitors, and constant hustle and bustle of the bargainers can be seen.

Forest Research Institute

The visit to Dehradun is truly incomplete if you miss visiting this majestic place. Do you remember the grand college premises from the movie, Student of the year? Yes, the beautiful college in the movie was the Forest Research Institute, Dehradun. The grand institute is a masterpiece of beautiful colonial and Greco-Roman architecture. Built-in the year 1906, this institute for forest researchers has a spellbinding campus. Apart from Student of the year, several other movies, tv shows, and albums have portrayed the beautiful corridors and lavish gardens of the institute such as Krishna Cottage, Dulhan Ek Raat Ki, Dear Daddy, Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein, Paan Singh Tomar, Kamra No. 404, Dilli Khabar, and Yaara. The western boundary of the institute is surrounded by the beautiful Tons River.


Coming to the academic infrastructure, the institute houses The Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy, 6 great museums, and the head office of the Indian Council of Forestry Research. The institute was declared as a deemed university in the year 1991 by the University of Grants Commission. It is the biggest educational center in the field of forestry research in India. The academic staff of the institute is well educated and the courses offered are widely popular. FRI has all the required structures like laboratories, herbarium, libraries, etc to impart the best education in the field of forestry research. A lot of visitors are also attracted by its marvelous Botanical Museum. The residents find it to be a perfect place for photoshoots as the place is full of lush green grass and huge sky-touching trees.

Tapkeshwar Temple

The Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple is a regularly visited place by the devotees of Lord Shiva residing in Dehradun and other parts of the country. The temple is nearly 6.5 kilometers away from the main city and is surrounded by a beautiful river that adds to its divinity. The cave shrine is also popularized as Drona Cave as it was once home to the ancient guru Dronacharya. The temple has a glorious Shiva Linga in the center which is continuously drizzled with water from the ceiling. The believers make sure they have a dip in the holy sulfur water springs at the entry of the temple. Other than the religious pilgrims, the young trekkers also frequently visit the temple as it’s path is laid down by a short trek through the dense green forest.

Tiger View Jungle Camp

The city of Dehradun has this amazing Tiger View Jungle Camp to please the wildlife lovers. The camp is situated ten kilometers away from the city in a small village named Goolar Khalla. The flora and fauna inside the camp is an attraction to the travelers. The camp also gives you the privilege to experience this wilderness with its terrific camping facility. The services provided by the authorities are greatly appreciated by the visitors and is consistently drawing the attention of more and more people. It’s a remarkable experience to spend a day at this wildlife habitat.

Rajaji National Park Tourism

Rajaji National Park located in the Shivalik Mountain ranges is another fascinating site for nature and wildlife lovers. Scattered over the districts of Haridwar, Dehradun, and Pauri Garhwal, this national park is named in the honor of C. Rajagopalchari. Looking at the performance of the authorities, the national park has been recently acknowledged as a Tiger Reserve by the Government of India. The vast fauna of the park consists of Sal and Teak trees and several other shrubs.

The fossils of the region date back to as old as 10 million years. The park is inhabited by Wild Cats, Asian Elephants, Wild Boars, Pythons, Tiger, and King Cobra, Chital, Monitor Lizard, Bears, Sambar, Panther, etc. The long 34-kilometer track can be explored with a Jeep or Elephant Safari. Several species of migratory birds can also be spotted in the park, usually after the monsoon season.

Clock tower

The clock tower of any city is usually it’s biggest enticement. The clock tower of Dehradun, also called “ghanta ghar” is greatly explored by the visitors.

The foundation stone of the tower was laid in 1948 by Sarojini Naidu and the construction was completed in 1953. Also known as ‘Balbir Tower’, it was inaugurated by the honorable Lal Bahadur Shastri. Though the clock no longer ticks, yet in its early years, the sound of its tick could even be heard on the other edge of the city. The gold plate on the top of the tower has the names of freedom fighters engraved on it. Built on the Rajpur Road, the tower remains to be the biggest heritage of the city.

Chetwoode Hall

Chetwoode Hall lies beside the Indian Military Academy and preserves the modern weapons and missiles of the Indian Army along with other artifacts. It’s a must-visit place for people who love to have a glimpse of these antiques of the Indian Army.

Zonal Museum

Are you one of those who love to dig into the past and view its glories? If yes, then this Zonal Museum located on Haridwar Road is the right place for you. The Museum was built in the year 1971 and displays a wonderful assortment of antiques that depict the lifestyle of ancient mankind and age-old traditions. The Museum remains open for the spectators on weekdays between 10 am-5 pm.

Kalinga War Memorial

On heading to the Sahastradhara, the history lovers frequently love to explore the great Kalinga War Memorial that was built by the Britishers in the honor of accomplishments of Gurkhas. The Memorial is special in itself, as it was built by Britishers to commemorate their enemies. The wonderful memorial is a badge of pride for the Gurkha community.

Ram Rai Gurudwara

For its Sikh pilgrims, Dehradun has Ram Rai Gurudwara which was created by Ram Rai, the eldest son of Sri Har Rai Ji, the 7th Guru of Sikhs in the 17th century. It is one of the oldest lineages in the city. The Gurudwara communities annually organize a big fair 5 days after the festival of Holi.


Kalsi is a small village located on the bank of the river Yamuna and is known to be the region where Yamuna and Tons converge. This village in between the Dehradun and Chakrata hill station is an abode for communities like Bhutis, Khils, and Mundars. Beautified by oak and sal trees, this valley is considered to be an entry to the Jaunsar-Bawar tribal region of the district. The place offers a complete homely experience away from the hubbub of the city and also an insight into the Garhwal Himalayan ranges.


Located a little far from the city, is this wonderful holiday destination- Maldevta. It is approximately 18 kilometers from the city and is a perfect place to experience the breathtaking blessings of nature. Right from the chirping birds and rippling river water to the beautiful mountain peaks and clear clouds, the place has it all. It’s a lovely place to refresh amidst the scorching summers. It is situated in Shirpur and is surrounded by the pure Song river, which is known to be the crown of the place. The place also allows travelers to have long walks around its bushy forest. Maldevta is also adjoined by a blissful temple that creates a holy aura. Since the region is full of wild flora and fauna, the visitors are advised to visit it in big groups and avoid wandering after sunsets. The place is still not much traveled by, therefore it can certainly offer you an extraordinary experience. It can be the best place for a day picnic.

Shikhar Falls

Shikhar Falls is an incredible waterfall picnic spot situated more than 10 kilometers from the center of the city in Kairwaan village. To reach the destination, one has to walk through a 1-kilometer trek. The place is surrounded by shallow pools and different species of birds chirping throughout. In all directions, you are surrounded by beautiful flowers, trees, bushes, etc. It’s important to wear casual clothing and running shoes while visiting this village of Raipur. Owing to its scenic beauty, the place is greatly loved by photographers.

Fun Valley

Fun Valley is a full entertainment package for the families and group of friends wishing to have a day out. It is situated in the center of Uttarakhand’s Golden Triangle – Haridwar, Dehradun, and Rishikesh. The amusement park is full of fascinating rides, a huge cafeteria, a motel, lavish rooms, and much more. This wonderful park is indeed the largest amusement and water park in the north region of the country.

Joy Land Water & Amusement Park

On the way back from the famous Sahastradhara, visitors often make a halt at the Joy Land Water and Amusement Park. It is a great place for the daredevils who love to enjoy the thrilling water rides. The hills in the background add to the beauty of the park. The adventure activities inside the park are too much fun.

Fun ‘n’ Food Kingdom

It is another recreation park located near Prem Nagar in the heart of the city. The place has fascinating rides, tidy pools, and a theme-based interior. The residents often find it a great place to hang out. The entry fee for the kingdom is also reasonable.

Rafting in Tiuni

Rating in Tiuni is truly a spine-tingling experience and should not be missed at any cost. Ton is one of the wildest rivers of the country and rafting amidst its waves is electrifying. The river flows through the western region of the Himalayas and its crystal clear gushing water is the best for hardcore rafting. It begins from Lunagad and moves on till Tiuni with a drop of around 78 kilometers just ahead of Tiuni.

Only the middle and lower portion of the Ton river is available for the voyage. The drop in the middle Ton at a rate of 32km/hour is extremely melodramatic, but certainly not a thing for the novice rafters.

The Mall Road

Traveling a little away from the Doon can take you to the Queen of Hills, Mussoorie. The glory of Mussoorie lies in its lively Mall Road, consisting of modern stores, colonial memorials, antique lamp posts, and game parlors. The pleasant weather and the splendid view of nature are perfect for a relaxing walk on the Mall road. Visitors also love getting photographed at the Mall Road in the traditional attires.

Trekking in Dehradun

What attracts most of the travelers to Dehradun is its adventurous treks. George Everest, Assan Barrage, Doon Valley, Jwala Devi, and Shivalik ranges are a few to name.

Rupin Pass Trek

Rupin Pass is a terrific trek seated at a height of 4600 meters with heart-stopping scenic beauty. Resting in the lap of Himalayan ranges, this trek has beautiful waterfalls, green grasslands, crystal blue brooks, and traditional villages, all of which are a visual treat. With every step ahead on the trek, the heart overflows with enthusiasm. The echoing canyons, wooden bridges, and glacial hills offer a gripping view.

Assan Barrage

Are you a bird watcher? If yes, Assan Barrage is just the right destination for you.

The place is flocked by thousands of bird species and displays nature in its truest form. It was created by the conjunction of two rivers- Yamuna and Assan. This wildlife dwelling is resonated by singing birds. The magical sound of the birds can infuse life even into the dull spirits. The place is also popularized as Dhaulipur Lake and is nearly 32 kilometers from the main city. Even the most endangered species of birds can be spotted around the artificial lake of Assan Barrage.

Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Trek lies in the Tons River Valley and offers an incredible experience to the trekkers. The snow-clad mountains of the Kedarkantha peak offer a bewitching sight. The flora and fauna of the surrounding Govind National Park is another gem in the crown of Kedarkantha Trek. On reaching the top of the peak, 3850 meters above, beautiful peaks of Ranglana, Swargarohini, and Banderpooch can be witnessed.

Bali Pass

This unexplored trek connecting Har Ki Dun Valley with Yamunotri offers a once in a lifetime experience to the tourists. Located 4800 meters high in the Garhwal Himalayan region, Bali Pass is a landmark from where peaks of Kalanag (6387m), Swargarohini (6252m), and Banderpooch (6316m) can be explored.

Malsi Deer Park

Malsi Deer Park is a zoological garden full of magnificent flora and fauna all around.

Apart from wildlife lovers, the photographers find it to be an amusing place with so much to capture. Also called the Malsi Zoo, the place is capable of adding new freshness to your spirit. The serene atmosphere of the Zoo is a feast for the lens of the photographers. Apart from the deers, many other wildlife creatures like tigers, nilgais, Himalayan antelope, peacocks, rabbits, etc can also be spotted. The Park is a part of the Malsi Forest Reserve.